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    A Personal Message From Tanya Donahue


    Hello my friend!!  After living in Haiti and returning to Canada, I wondered how I could stay connected with our work in developing nations - especially without the struggles and successes staring me in the face each day. It is when I remind myself of the importance of our mission and what we do, that I am able to remain unwaveringly dedicated through compassion and empathy.

    It feels dramatic to talk about our work being the difference between grueling slavery and invigorating freedom; it feels potentially boastful to say that our work can be the life-changing divide between hunger and sufficient food supplies, but I am proud to say that this is, in fact, the reality and nature of our work.

    In its simplest form, Mango + Moose works with business development. In each artisan partnership, we strive to create sustainable working environments and conditions. We know that earning a stable income, having access to opportunities and personal growth programs, as well as adequate education, positively impacts lives and helps families to change - for the better.

    No matter where our origins lie, we all want to be able to care for our families, send our children to school, have enough food, and receive medical attention when necessary. Everyone - from Artisans, to Global Advocates, to Customers - works together to create and sustain these life-changing developments. By linking arms, we are able to build a beautiful world for all groups all over the planet.

    Your partnership is invaluable to me. I want you to know how very appreciative I am of your selfless care and support, and that you are willing to take this stand with me. Your efforts help to save lives.





    "Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ."

                                                              Philippians 1:27

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