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    Questions about your Mango + Moose Products, see below!!

    Who makes Mango + Moose products?


    Where are your products made?


    Does Mango +Moose design all their products?


    Are Mango + Moose products environmentally sustainable?


    How do I keep my Mango + Moose products looking fabulous?


    I just received my order and not everything looks like the picture?


    Where are you located?


    What does the name Mango + Moose mean?


    What is an Artisan partnership?


    Why do you have a Canadian line?


    How does Mango + Moose select the Artisans we work with?


    What are dignified jobs?


    Why do we focus on job creation in developing nations?


    What are vulnerable communities?


    How does Mango + Moose ensure fair living wages?


    Is Mango + Moose a fair trade business?


    Why do you use a network marketing business model?


    Why is Mango + Moose a business and not a non-profit? 


    What if I need to return or exchange an item? 


    Can I cancel an order once it is placed?


    What is the Global Advocate opportunity?


    How old do I have to be to join Mango + Moose?


    Can I be a Global Advocate if I live outside of Canada?


    Is there a fee to be a Global Advocate?


    Do I need to maintain a monthly sales minimum each month to keep my active commission status?


    Will I need to purchase marketing materials?


    Are Mango + Moose Bazaar orders shipped directly to customers or am I responsible for delivering product?


    Do I receive commission for orders placed through my replicated Mango + Moose website that aren’t associated with a Bazaar? 


    As a Global Advocate, do I receive a discount on products?


    I’m interested in becoming a Global Advocate. Can I join?


    What is a Mango + Moose Bazaar?


    When should I book my Bazaar?


    Can I host a Bazaar with a friend?


    What set-up do I need to do for my Bazaar?


    Will I get to see the entire collection at my Bazaar?


    What if some friends can’t make it to my Bazaar?


    How long will it take for orders to arrive?


    How much is shipping in Canada?


    Do you ship outside of Canada?

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