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Hooligans Have Landed Childrens Book


Ethically made in Canada.

Join author, Tanya Donahue, as she takes her readers on an amazing journey in the adventures of Zander, Jack, Lulu and Adeline Hooligan who have just arrived in Kelowna. Zander, the oldest of the Hooligan children, is bamboozled when he finds out he will be sharing a room with his younger brother, Jack.

He needs to come up with a plan, and fast. Will he be able to solve all his problems with duct tape? Or will a deal sealed with a spit hand-shake do the trick?

Meeting the four Hooligan children is an experience you won't soon forget. You are invited to enjoy the first adventure of this fun-loving interracial family.

Written by our Founder, Tanya Donahue. Printed in Canada.