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About Us

H O W  M A N G O + M O O S E   C A M E  T O  B E 

Founded by Tanya Donahue, Mango + Moose is a socially conscious lifestyle brand, with the purpose of providing opportunities for families, individuals and communities to thrive. Tanya believes in helping families stay together whenever possible. As a parent of four children, two of whom are adopted, she understands the importance of mothers and fathers having sustainable, dignified employment. 

Having worked as entrepreneurs for many years, Tanya and her husband Scott decided to share and use these skills in the developing world. They packed up their family and moved to Haiti, the birthplace of their daughters. Relying on the founding principles of integrity, humility, and collaboration, they worked within the community of Mirebalais, Haiti, undertaking several business development projects.

 Mango + Moose was born as a result of their time in Haiti and their subsequent return to Kelowna, BC. Tanya has combined her heart for people, business ingenuity, and love of design in one collective place. Mango + Moose offers products that are exclusively created and developed through ethical practices. Tanya works with Artisan partnerships to provide unique, high-quality designs for her customers. Every Mango and Moose purchase directly impacts Artisans by providing a living wage and opportunities, creating the ability to flourish. 

As of 2019, Mango and Moose has partnered with 19 Artisan groups in

11 countries: 

Canada, Haiti, Mali, Nepal, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, India,

Guatemala, Vietnam, as well as South East Asia.

Tanya says, “[We] never assume to know the whole story, to ever imagine that we have all the answers, or wish to be a part of misappropriation. Our work is simply in partnership – by linking arms with individuals and organizations, our collaborations produce the finest of designs…vibrantly reflecting the beauty of being human.” 

Through a collective position, the goal of the Mango + Moose team is to bring awareness and revolution to the worldwide marketplace. They believe in making the world a little brighter each day, together."