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Corporate Gift Giving

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Corporate Gifting 

Apply for Exclusive products from Mango + Moose 

Make a positive impact in your workplace by offering beautiful ethically produced goods for employee gifts, incentives or awards programs. Mango + Moose collections are handcrafted by artisans in developing nations and we also have a Canadian line to love and support our local artisan families. Not only are these goods unique and perfect for gift giving, they are also powerful story-telling pieces for educating your employees about the realities of those living in vulnerable communities and the power of a collective impact. You are allowing them to tangibly contribute to changing lives. When purchasing Mango +  Moose, you are practicing conscious consumerism and are helping make a difference in our world! 

 Corporate Gifting Offers:

$500 - $1000 = 15% off retail
$1001 - $2000 = 20% off retail
$2001 (+) = 25% off retail 

Here’s how to apply:

Request more information about our Gifting Program simply by filling in the online application form and submitting once the form is complete. Your application will be reviewed and a representative will contact you within 5 business days to discuss how we can help. 

Questions regarding the application process?  

Important Notice:  

Acceptance into the Mango + Moose Corporate Gifting Program is based on the specific nature of our Corporate Gifting Program, and assurance that all products purchased will not be offered for resale or direct consumption but will be distributed for promotion purposes only, in accordance with your program as detailed. Mango + Moose reserves the right to deny any application for failure to meet these qualifications as described.

Corporate Gifting Program Disclaimers

Program excludes retailers, distributors, and any type of wholesaler and/or ambassador
Discounts applied to total merchandise purchase (excluding taxes, shipping and handling)