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In Real Life

Ready to IRL and LOL more in 2019?

As the resident Passion Igniter it’s my job to teach LifeTools to help people get EXCITED and PASSIONATE about who they are and what they do. This is fun for me as I myself get all kinds of excited and passionate about…many many things (just ask my hubby). Perhaps because of the motivational, personal development feminine world I live in, I seem to swim in a gigantic pool of never ending meme’s and inspirational quotes. My own personal personal and biz mantra is YES YOU CAN! Some days I am fully connected to that message while others I simply turn my frame around. It’s a mood thing J

As an avid “swimmer” of all things inspiring and motivational it’s not common for me to come across a new-to-me abbreviation that makes me stop…think…and feel all forms of YES in my core. But it did happen. Just the other day. While mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.



It was mentioned in an off comment from someone responding to another person’s post. Something about getting out and enjoying IRL. In. Real. Life. The abbreviation instantly resonated with so many things I have been thinking about over the last few months. In. Real. Life. REAL LIFE. Like in the here and now. Ahhhh this is my theme for 2019.

Many of my coaching and business clients spend a great deal of time “working” the online world. Growing their tribes, investing in their digital communities, providing value for cyber connections. I get it. I do the same. At this very moment I am writing content for people I don’t know in hopes of offering nuggets of inspiration and positive life strategies. And while YOU are very real (thank you for reading this!) there is no real life connections between you and I. I am sitting in my office by myself writing this while you are probably scrolling on your phone or computer casually reading these words.

[Side note. It is no accident you are reading this right now.]

While there is great value in all the wisdom shared online there is also something missing from digital connections. It’s the chemistry of real life energy being shared between two people. The contagious uplifting sense of connection that can only happen live and in the moment. That is the power of investing time IRL. Real life connections need to be nurtured. For many of us being busy and online has eroded our focus and investment in being with others….in real life.

Could you imagine this post being read by someone in 1980? They would be most likely thinking, “What in the world is this woman saying? What could possible get people to stop talking with and hanging out with each other?”. Oh I’ll tell you 1980’s person with big bangs and acid wash jeans. We blame it all on the Internet. Online worlds that capture our minds and satisfy our immediate needs but starve our spirits of human connection and relationships. Don’t worry it won’t be happening to you for a few years yet.

I digress. This post is NOT a rant on how technology has taken us away from each other. There are many ways that it has helped and hindered us. No this article is about IRL. And how learning a simple catchy abbreviation has shifted and set my focus for 2019.

I’m not abandoning my online world of amazing inspiring memes and cool kitty cat videos. I am simply focusing more on IRL. In real. Life. More in-person networking opportunities (even though it can be so hard to get out when it’s dark in the winter!). I am setting measureable goals of attending 2 networking meetings and 1 social event every singe month.


Not only am I going to focus on IRL I am going to add more LOL. That’s Laugh Out Loud (I know…you know that one!). Seriously. It’s time for me to get less serious. As a determined diva of doing it all I sometimes forget to have fun. To let go of expectations that weigh me down by holding me back from new adventures.


Today my kids all ran out to play in the snow. In the spirit of IRL and LOL I found my long lost snow gear and actually went outside with them. Their shocked faces as they said, “Mom you are coming out too?” was evidence that I need to do this more!

More adventures. More fun. More LOL. More IRL.

Because if I don’t do it for myself no one will do it for me. So join me in creating adventures that feed your spirit and invigorate your life experience.


I challenge you to make your New Year Resolutions more about New Year Adventures.  YES. YOU. CAN.

I would love to hear how you are adding intentional fun memories into your life over the next year? Please share below!

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