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A Simple Easter Outfit

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A Simple Easter Outfit

When I think about Easter, I think about foil wrapped eggs, Spring tulips budding out of the ground, stuffed bunnies lining the fronts of grocery stores, the first barbecue of the year. I think of bright colours and blue skies, opening the front door and airing out the house for the first time since the frigid winter months closed us inside.  The time of year that is bright, light, new and refreshed.

I can imagine my mom popping out her fuchsia lipstick and wearing it with her floral print dress and jean jacket. We went to church and had a family barbecue afterwards. Us kids would be eagerly waiting in expectation for when the Easter egg hunt was going to commence. We could already spot some of the shiny foiled eggs around, so we knew where we were headed first. We would bound through the dewy grass, and pan through the lines of bushes to find our treasured delights. After that quick raid of the garden it was quickly a competition to count to see who tracked down the most chocolate treasures. I never won, my brother always did, but it didn’t matter once our aunty told us we would all get a big gold bunny to get our fingers into too! What precious memories.

Still I can see my mom endearingly looking at me with her sparkling blue eyes as she saw me spin in my Easter dress. I miss those sun kissed days; memories that glisten with joy, love and light. Those same feelings come around now, when I am about to be married and start this crazy next chapter of life.  Little things like colours and textures, patterns and smells can elicit that same freshness of spring. 

For my spring outfit choice this year, I chose the Sunny necklace, a beautiful piece with multi-coloured and multi-textured beads and brass accents. It looks beautiful with a basic white t-shirt, tucked into high-waisted dark wash denim. Loose, comfortable but with bright fuchsia and stunning aquamarine accents that elicit those cheery, bright and exciting vibrant vibes of spring.

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