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Self Love Tips

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Self Love Tips

Ah it is the month of LOVE! I adore this time of year because it’s an excuse to celebrate all things cupid, hearts, red, chocolate and of course LOVE. While it is a celebratory time of appreciating and showing love for partners and family, it is also the PERFECT TIME to intentionally focus on self love too.

Give me a mental high five and YES if you could use some self-love lovin’.

Who’s with me? Of course you are!  But wait…. this self-love thing is just soooo much easier said than done. Especially for many of us who have schedules so busy it can seem impossible to get our needs and me-time met.

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After many, many (many, many) months away from the gym since my last baby was born, I decided to go to a class last Thursday. ME TIME! YAY! I announced it to my entire family. I added the class into the shared family calendar. I was determined to get to that class because this class was not just about burning calories, it was about STAKING MY CLAIM to me time!

The class was set to begin at 6:45pm. At 5:45 pm my 16 month old was asleep on my chest with a high fever. Sooo….that class will have to wait. I admittedly got a little mommy-frustrated (we are human right?). I will get to that exercise class another week. In the mean time, I have a checklist for all us busy people out there to lean on when feeling like a little self-love is in order. Take a look and circle at least three you can do this month to celebrate AMAZING you.

SELF-LOVE CHECKLIST (it’s the mindset of self-care)

  • Thinking and acting with kindness.
  • Focusing on empathy, gratitude and love, for yourself and others.
  • Eating a cookie. Enjoying it GUILT FREE. Really, really enjoying it…and then NOT eating ten more.
  • Moving your body. Yes…exercising. Not because you have to, not because you want to lose weight, but because exercising makes your body stronger, healthier and full of energy (walking around the mall counts…yes it does).
  • Meeting a mom who has an “amazing” body and NOT feeling less than or jealous.
  • Taking 5 minutes a week to watch the clouds roll across the sky – once a week! You can fit that in.
  • Following your gut instinct—even when logic tells you otherwise.
  • Fuelling your body with powerful nutrition.
  • NOT starving your body with unsustainable, no-fun fad diets. Seriously. They are no fun.
  • Embracing humility and growth.
  • Being open to the beautiful, chaotic, intense and uniquely awesome evolution of WHO YOU ARE.
  • Accepting what is reality.
  • Remaining hopeful of what will be the future.
  • Understanding your stories of the past. And then letting them go, gently.
  • Expecting respect from yourself and others.
  • Feeling happy about your body while clothes shopping. Every body is different and should be celebrated regardless of your size and shape. Decide to feel good about yourself. Yes it is a choice.
  • Investing in relationships that matter in your life. Starting with the relationship you have with yourself.

Take yourself on a date this month and celebrate your life in a way only YOU can. Enjoy your me time.

Always remember: YES YOU CAN.

You are entitled to a respectful, loving relationship with yourself. Show the love. xoxo

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