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"WHERE ARE MY KEYS?!" A Quick Tip to an Organized Tote

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"WHERE ARE MY KEYS?!" A Quick Tip to an Organized Tote
There is nothing worse than scrummaging around your big bag looking for your keys in an ocean of cosmetics, papers, and products, dropping your favourite lip gloss and just hoping that you can pull a magic trick by swooping it up the first time. I know even in my smaller bags they can be little oceans of stuff I can’t seem to keep altogether. Well here’s what I do to make that problem not a part of my busy schedule.
I use the bag within a bag technique, it’s like tabs for your web browser keeping your daily items in check. I grab smaller bag about the size of a make up bag or pencil case and I use that for all my lipglosses, gum packs, headphones, extra hair ties, and my favourite pen. This is your bathroom run in a bag, it is that quick concealer or comb for your hair. I know my essentials are in that small little bag. This bag has allI need for a freshen up. Secondly I have my latte run bag I keep this for that exactly so I can just grab that instead of my whole bag. Yes ladies, another a bag within a bag! This time I have a little change purse, a little notebook and pen and my car keys, I keep my keys especially in this one bag because otherwise they are everywhere!  I love this little trick as it makes having all you need with you, while keeping it together in compartments. Grab a clutch sized cloth bag with a zip like this tassel satchel and give it a whirl!
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Personally I use Mango and Moose’s Guatemala Tassel Satchel and slide that into my favourite Raw leather tote. In Mango and Moose’s Fall/ Winter collection they have this beautiful raw leather hide bag. It’s gorgeous and perfectly imperfect showcasing it’s little imperfections with class. As it wears it just get’s softer and better. Anyways, as a tote, so it has room for lots of stuff, but it needs some organization to make it practical.

These days with our wallets on our phones, and parking meters on apps, we don’t have much need for all the stuff we used to, but if you do need some things with you this is the way to go and keeps you from fishing in the ocean of a tote to get your most needed goods. So try it out grab your tote fill it up in an organized way and love your everyday.

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