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Working from Home Tips

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Working from Home Tips

I am writing this as I sit in my comfy’s after dropping my older three kids off to their respective schools while my 14 month old naps. I am a work from home Mom and Professional. Which is awesome. And hard. And many things in between. As a Mentor and Coach for entrepreneurs I know that this lifestyle is not for everyone…BUT…if you have kids, need flexibility and desire to grow a business that brings in extra income for the family, this model of working can be a powerful and practical platform from which to do all of that.

Over the last 13 years I have been working from home I have learned some BIG lessons! Here’s my top two tips for anyone currently (or looking into) working from home.


Yap. Working from home means spending a lot of time locked away in a small space called your office or maybe even at the dining room table with your laptop and many papers being messed with by the toddler. Your home may be where you invest the majority of your work time growing your business but equally important is the time you spend CULTIVATING RELATIONSHIPS outside of your home walls. This was the biggest oversight I made in my first five years. I didn’t get out enough which eventually led to feelings of isolation, loneliness and burnout (not good!).  Even if you are have an online business it’s important to get dressed and go out. Join a Community Board, attend Networking Groups, create a Goal Club…consistently do something to nurture new relationships. Connections equal opportunity. Plus it feels good to get out and wear real clothes (speaking from experience).


One of the pros to working from home is that you can create a schedule that meets many peoples needs. I can drop my kids off at school and book coaching sessions for the hours of the day that works best for me (until a kid calls home sick). With this pro is the biggest con as well…you begin to be so flexible you lose focus. There is a delicate balance between adjusting your schedule to consider other family members needs with YOUR OWN NEEDS to develop and maintain a schedule that includes blocked off times that are for work. This takes self-discipline and of course communicating with those around you that work time is important too. There is an adjustment stage–especially if you have been very easy to give up work time in the past.

I hope these two tips for working from home help you to get the most out of your business building experience! Try to enjoy the journey and celebrate your successes. YES. YOU. CAN.

If you are looking into work from home opportunities consider Mango + Moose. We are a socially conscious lifestyle brand with a mission to create positive Global Impact for Artisans around the world. Join as a Global Advocate and you too can be a Social Entrepreneur growing a business from home.

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