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Taking a Stylish Weekend Away

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Taking a Stylish Weekend Away

On a weekend away I bring only my favourites – the simplest go-to confidence inducing pieces. Inside my bag you’ll find plenty of neutrals, my best curve hugging jeans, my favourite trendy knit sweater or cardigan and I’m ready to go. The defining factors of my favourites are always CONFIDENCE AND COMFORT! I don’t want to spend time thinking about putting together the perfect outfit; I want to go and be free from the critical puzzle-piecing my brain does all week. Relax into my favourite picks.

My jewelry essentials are simple. I always throw in my gold bangle. It’s a sure way to dress up any black blouse. I prefer gold over silver, but everyone has their preference! Earrings? I like to bring my midnight sparkle studs, which I wear on most days because HELLO black and gold people!!! They are an obvious choice of chic and glam together. For me there is always time for a tasteful amount of sparkle.

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Clothing wise I always have my favourite jeans, a pair of Levi’s high-waisted dark wash, and pair of black denim. On top I always have a baggy white t-shirt that can be worn with jeans or leggings. I can dress up or down using my blushing tassel earrings or just studs and a jean jacket. I always like to have a black and white stripe with me, and a blouse for a night out. It’s easy to accessorize these neutral outfits, and I know I feel good and look good.  Add in my sparkle flats or mahogany booties, throw on a jean jacket and I’m ready to hit the town.

If I’m spending my weekend at the lake cabin, you’ll catch me wearing just leggings and an oversized plaid, which requires little to no packing – just pure pyjama bliss. More commonly on the weekends though, you’ll find me in the city with my fiancé exploring around town. By day find me cozied up in an eclectic coffee shop wearing my pom pom scarf. Bustling families walk by as we sip slow, quietly read, enjoy fresh baked goods and savour silent moments. Then at night you’ll see me style up for date night with my blushing tassel earrings and leather jacket.

A weekend away is what most of us need. Taking time to rest and explore new things is truly what living is all about. Make sure to take time for yourself instead of doing the 9 to 5 hustle till you drop. Pack that suitcase with your favourites, take a night out, try some new food, live your life authentically, and shop ethically to ensure you make a meaningful impactful.

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